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How Long Will it Take For Me to Learn English?

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. My goal in life is having my students achieve that perfection in English. The way they get there is what intrigues me: What’s the best way? How to keep them engaged throughout the whole … Continue reading

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This is Why One-to-One Lessons are the Best Option for You

One of the objections that students have about taking private lessons is pricing. Private lessons are often more expensive than group classes if you look at a monthly fee. However, I think that we’re talking about value for money because private lessons can offer you better results for your investment. Continue reading

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Here’s 3 Things You can Do to Better Prepare for the TOEFL Test

¿Prefieres leer la versión en español? Clic aquí Succeeding in TOEFL depends on several factors, including the preparation, practice and commitment, among others. In addition learn certain techniques for solving the exam tasks, it is important that the answers you … Continue reading

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3 Ejercicios que te Ayudarán a Prepararte Mejor para el TOEFL (Speaking & Writing)

Would rather read the English version? Click here! El éxito en tu examen TOEFL va a depender de varios factores, como la preparación, práctica y compromiso, entre otros. Además de entrenarte en ciertas técnicas para resolver el examen, es importante que … Continue reading

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Teachers Doing Business: 5 Steps to Getting More Private Classes

Many teachers who work for an institute or school have had the chance to teach also private lessons. Private tutoring is a great thing to do, not only is it rewarding and personalized, but also you can make very good … Continue reading

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Teaching Private Lessons? Here’s 4 Mistakes you Need to Avoid

I started teaching English as a second language more than twelve years ago. I used to work for a small institute and it wasn’t long until the first recommendation came along. Someone from the institute referred to a friend who was interested in hiring a private tutor for learning English. I guess we’ve all started like that.
But little did I know that I was about to bump into some very typical problems every private teacher has (or has had) at some point. What I want to do is enumerate some of them and try to offer practical solutions that will hopefully help you not only be able to overcome those issues but to improve the quality of your private lessons on the way. Continue reading

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