Where does Real Motivation Come From?

Where does real motivation come from-

As a teacher, I have seen students who are definitely engaged and full of positive feelings towards learning. It’s not surprising that those are the students who succeed and the ones who get the most out of every lesson I teach.
Dear student, this message is for you:
Remember how badly you wanted to learn how to drive when you finally had the age for it? I bet nobody had to motivate you or try to convince you that you had to learn. Your motivation came from within. Also, if you were in the middle of the jungle and had to sleep in a tent, you’d definitely learn how to put it up, because your safety would depend on it.
My point is that if you don’t find the real value in what you are learning, you are more likely to give up. Even if you have a great teacher and a great course there is a responsibility that comes with learning. And you need to know that so you can take charge of your own learning.
Motivation is simply the ability of the student to see the value of what they’re learning.
So, ask yourself: What am I going to get out of this course/ class/ English programme? How is my life going to change when I speak English fluently? How will it be beneficial for me? And most importantly: What are my priorities?
As teachers, our job is to help our students to know those answers and to reassure them that the outcome is worth the effort. Let’s go on and don’t give up.


About Susana Castaneda

I am a Business English teacher, teacher trainer and business owner. I write based on my experience and knowledge as an entrepreneur and teacher in Lima-Perú. If you find these useful, thanks in advance for your comments ;)
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