This Is Why Networking Events Are Such a Great Idea (And If They Are in English, Even Better!)

Many of those who have read this blog may not know that YES Idiomas (the Business English company I manage) already has seven years in the market! Seven years sounds like a long time, actually I always say that the mere fact of surviving in a tough market is a triumph, because in these times everything happens so fast it’s very easy to fall behind.

Something I’ve noticed over the years is that business is done through the connection between people. The more people you know, the more chances there are to have a successful career. It is always good to meet new people!

Therefore, networking is essential.

On the other hand, I found among my students the need to practice their English constantly in and out of the classroom, but especially with more people, new people that represent a new challenge. And that’s how I came up with a great idea!

English & Networking. No, it is not an English class nor any new product I am offering.

English & Networking is a gathering, a meeting to which I invited a group of students, fully in English, with relevant contents of Business English, where we could interact and speak in English with other professionals. In addition, English & Networking is a service that my company and I are giving, my way of showing some love to my students and my network of friends, and that’s why it is totally free! And also, coffee is on us!

The first meeting was last week, how exciting it was to see my students talking about their achievements, challenges and dreams … Meeting each other and connecting!

English Networking

My dreams are big but often start small. I want to do this once a month and I want to see it grow more and more! If you want to participate in any of these events, just sign up for free here. I’ll call you and invite you to the next event. You’ve got nothing to lose!


About Susana Castaneda

I am a Business English teacher, teacher trainer and business owner. I write based on my experience and knowledge as an entrepreneur and teacher in Lima-Perú. If you find these useful, thanks in advance for your comments ;)
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