Here’s 3 Things You can Do to Better Prepare for the TOEFL Test

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Succeeding in TOEFL depends on several factors, including the preparation, practice and commitment, among others. In addition learn certain techniques for solving the exam tasks, it is important that the answers you give during the test (especially for the section Speaking & Writing) are rich in content. Many times we speak fluently but our arguments are too weak or maybe the ideas exposed have no substance.

To prepare better, be consistent and work on these points:

Practice making mind maps before writing. Focus on the subject and then explore content options such as: advantages and disadvantages, arguments for and against, the issue from another angle, etc. A mind map will help you organize your ideas. Read here a good article on mind-mapping.

In this example, this “brainstorming” on a mind map shows us how to organize ideas in order to give structure to our writing.

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Practice the Speaking section by recording your answers. Something that many students find difficult is the speech in the Speaking Section. It is a 45-second speech that is developed based on a certain topic. Sometimes it is difficult to complete a response that has consistency and is accurate to finish within the time limit. Practice developing the theme and record your speech giving yourself no more than 45 seconds. But before you try this, you must have the arguments to support your answer. And there’s the detail, you need to be consistent with your arguments. Follow this short process:

  1. Consider a topic that you can discuss. Here’s a list of speaking themes you can choose from.
  2. Prepare three points you want to develop on the subject (details or reasons for your answer).
  3. Record your answer, listen and evaluate how well it sounds.
  4. Record yourself again (on the same subject) and see if it sounds better.

Be filled with interesting content. If you can’t give strong arguments in your writing and speaking it’s probably because you lack information or the ability to see things from different angles. This can be fixed by having input of interesting and valuable content, such as podcasts on science and technology, podcasts about business, marketing and leadership or some podcasts on education. Listen to them while driving, while you work or perhaps while waiting for an appointment.

Finally, I recommend you enjoy all this practice, learning is interesting and once you’re committed and adopt these habits as part of your preparation, everything becomes easier.

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About Susana Castaneda

I am a Business English teacher, teacher trainer and business owner. I write based on my experience and knowledge as an entrepreneur and teacher in Lima-Perú. If you find these useful, thanks in advance for your comments ;)
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3 Responses to Here’s 3 Things You can Do to Better Prepare for the TOEFL Test

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  2. Thank you for sharing this information on how to better prepare for the TOEFL test. I never had to take it, but I have had many friends who have taken it and wished they would have been better prepared. I like the idea you gave about practicing the speaking section by recording your answer. I am sure that will really help people get a higher score on the test. Thanks again!

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