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This is how Leadership can Transform the Way you Teach

This is based on a post by author and speaker Michael Hyatt, who writes a blog on leadership. You can find him at Leadership is certainly something to consider in the classroom. When you teach a group of people, … Continue reading

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How Should I Charge for Private Lessons? Four Tips for That!

I’ve always lived in Peru, so I’ve never had the experience of working abroad or teaching abroad. My experiece here is kind of broad especially in the realm of private tutoring both for General and Business English Courses. At the … Continue reading

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Teaching Private Lessons? Here’s 4 Mistakes you Need to Avoid

I started teaching English as a second language more than twelve years ago. I used to work for a small institute and it wasn’t long until the first recommendation came along. Someone from the institute referred to a friend who was interested in hiring a private tutor for learning English. I guess we’ve all started like that.
But little did I know that I was about to bump into some very typical problems every private teacher has (or has had) at some point. What I want to do is enumerate some of them and try to offer practical solutions that will hopefully help you not only be able to overcome those issues but to improve the quality of your private lessons on the way. Continue reading

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What to Do when You Lose Your Job.

Five years ago my team and I were the official English lessons suppliers for a very well-known global corporation. Business there was pretty good, and the amount of classes per month was rising and flourishing. It was a great time, … Continue reading

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